Who are we?

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Welcome to silhouettes.co.uk

We hope you are enjoying browsing through some of our projects.

We are a family run local business who aim to bring the traditional idea of silhouettes into the 21st century. We are proud to be a British company, and proud to add a refreshing modern touch to the Georgian idea of shadow portraits. We aim to keep costs low and use British manufacturers wherever possible, with an in-house design and creation studio.

So how do we create this bespoke silhouette art?

Firstly, starting with the image, we will start the process by painstakingly drawing your image with accuracy in mind. Your image will be shadow drawn in vector graphic design program, allowing for precision that can only be achieved using computerised software.

You might have seen scissor silhouettists live in action at weddings and other events or perhaps have seen old Victorian images, well we like to think we can do this even better using modern equipment. We like the idea of scissor silhouettes, and some artists are truly remarkable, however we do not use scissors to precision cut your image, instead we use a state of the art cutting machine that can accurately cut your image to 0.01mm precision.

Finally, we try and do more with your image then simply cut it out on black paper. We can for example also frame your item, or add a ribbon to a girl’s hair, or a hat to any portrait.

We hope you like what you do and we look forward to hearing your feedback.