What is a hollow cut portrait?

hollow cut silhouette picture

A hollow cut portrait, also sometimes referred to as white-heads, is one of the most popular forms of silhouettes using the hollowed outline, i.e. the inner image, on a black background to create a sharp contrast. Some of the artist in the day would also adorn the hollowed outline with fine pencil drawings to indicate hair and other features. Dependent on the client, it may also have been framed against more expensive materials such as velvet and silk to create a truly decedent display. Come the mid-18th century, Charles Peale developed the first mass produced hollow cut silhouette using a “shadow” machine to take a silhouette image that could be cut into white paper and mounted on a dark background.

A hollow silhouette cut is for us, here at silhouettes.co.uk, also the preferred way to cut out the silhouettes as they frame the most effective and seamless against a black background. Although certain profiles are more suited to a black cut silhouette, but no need to worry about this, as we have learned to have an eye to spot which silhouette suits you best.