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Order a custom design of the silhouette you desire.



FRAMES: We can engrave in gold colour, a small message, name or description underneath the silhouette.
DECALS: We can cut-out a small name within the body of the vinyl.

Multi-Colour Design

To bring a little bit of colour and additional interest to a silhouette, we can try and incorporate a touch of colour in the image. (For example, a red dress, pink ribbon, etc). This type of job is more time consuming, hence a small extra cost.

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Simply upload your image and we will do the rest. We recommend your image is side-on and of reasonable quality for best results.

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Any preferences not mentioned above, simply jot them down below and we will try and do our best to incorporate them for you.

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If you would like your personal design to be both framed and cut out on decal, or would like multiple copies, please select below.

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We can create a custom silhouette of your own image, whether this may be an animal, human or perhaps even an object or landscape. This custom silhouette enables you to create your own bespoke image, unique to you and your specifications.

A customized image, framed or in peel and stick vinyl format, makes a great gift all year round. A child’s image can be captured with all the characteristics and given to Grandparents as a unique, thought filled gift. And everyone has at least one person in the family which is always hard to buy for, so why not ask us to silhouette their interest, perhaps a dog or even largest fish catch of the year?!

A personalized portrait of a child or loved one gives you a true opportunity to capture a moment that can be treasured for a life time. By going through our customized process, you will receive a cherished memory worthy of its workmanship. Additional options such as engraving and multi-coloured design are available to you, but optional.

For the engraved option, we can engrave a small message, typically the name and age of the subject underneath the silhouette when framed. The engraved text is of golden brown colour, using a typical font which can be changed if required. If this option is selected for a decal, we will typically cut-out the wording across the body of the decal, perfect for names and small quotes.

A multi-coloured design is great for adding an extra bit of sparkle to the display. It is a perfect way to accentuate a dress or jacket, for small children a pink bow or blue tie can make a delightful accessory that makes the whole image come to live.

Simply fill in the form and upload your image, we will do the rest. We will be contact throughout the process so we can fully understand your preferences and needs, we understand not everything can be summarized in a pre-designed form and are more then happy if you would like to contact us to discuss the project further. Once we understand the brief, we will get going on the project and will get back in touch with a sample image for you to approve. We do appreciate criticism, as at the end of the day we are trying to create a piece of art unique to you. Only when we have the golden seal of approval, shall we precision cut your item and get it ready for delivery. The whole process usually takes around a week, but in peak times this might be longer, but don’t worry we can give you a more accurate time frame once the order is placed, or alternatively contact us now.

When it comes to choosing an image, we recommend a profile image when it comes to people and animals, ideally with mouths closed. A normal photograph image is fine, ideally well lit and with good contrast. We also advise that the image is of reasonable quality, which again will result in a more accurate silhouette. Ideals are great, but ultimately, we can work with most images. If you are unsure about your image, we are here to help and give advice, so please do contact us.

Finally, we would like to mention that all our artwork, whether this may be custom silhouette or not, is designed and created by the, based in England. We are proud to be a family run business and are proud of the work we produce.


More about the frames;

The traditionally styled black oval frame is made from resin and finished with an optional hand painted golden inner rim. The frame can be hung using the hook at the back of the frame or alternatively could be stood up using a frame stand, available for an additional cost. The display frame has a 5 x 7 inch picture aperture with glass fascia.


The square box frame is available in two different sizes and colours. The smallest size measure 23 cm x 23 cm, whereas the large frame measures 50 cm x 50 cm. This deep square frame is wall mountable. Made from wood, with glass frontage. Combined with one of our silhouettes, they look great on a feature wall in any home.


3.5 Inch Decal, 5.5. Inch Decal, Black Frame, Black Square Frame, Gold Lined Frame, Large Black Square Frame, Large White Square Frame, Triple Frame Black, Triple Frame White, White Square Frame