Malvern Autumn Show – our review and experience

our display stand

We had a wonderful time at the Malvern autumn show! Our products and display mixed in well with other sellers and created a lot of interest from the many thousands that passed our stall.

our malvern autumn show display

our display stand

We were happy to talk about our products to a wide variety of people including some youngsters who like our new ‘super hero’s’ silhouettes. We will be creating a new section for these soon.

Our by far biggest surprise was the approach of the display judges, who gave us some wonderful feedback on how we should display our stand and products.

third prize at Malvern autumn show

To our surprise, they then handed us a third prize banner! We were so happy, we almost forgot to sell our products whilst we talked about our new found fame.

It was a wonderful two days of chatting to those who passed by, finding out which particular silhouette we had made was their favourite. The whole atmosphere of the show certainly makes you feel in the right place, and without doubt we will be back again to experience this wonderful event.

We had fun talking to other sellers and finding out their display techniques and ideas for our display. Everyone was so helpful and very enthusiastic which is just how we are. It is good to mingle with other sellers who have the same enthusiasm as you do.

Our products at the Malvern autumn show

By far the most comments we received were from those who liked our silhouette of the racing greyhound racing greyhound silhouettewhich is displayed in a large white boxed frame. There were a lot of greyhound lovers and also greyhound racers. we were very happy to have pre-prepared a fantastic image of a greyhound in a racing pose.

One of the other popular images which we had prepared was a custom silhouette with two colours was that of the presenter Carol Kleine in a fetching orange coat. Carol Klein Silhouette

Along with that, we had also created an Anton Du Beke silhouette which certainly made people recognise their favourite strictly come dancing star!

Our first and eye opening event being the Malvern Autumn Show was great! We would recommend any others potential sellers to give it a go, you will not be disappointed.

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