Silhouette Portrait Design Service Available

An example of our silhouette portrait design

Silhouette Portrait Design

Today we would like to introduce you to the resurgence of the popular 19th century craze of the silhouette portrait design.

Many folks back in the 19th century could not afford a true photograph of their loved ones as a keepsake, so the employed a silhouette artist to give them a true profile silhouette of family members to adorn the walls of their Edwardian/ Victorian walls.

Each silhouette was carefully cut from a live sitting of family members direct onto paper or card. There were many silhouette artist of varying skills around this time. But some were notably better than others.

Jane Austen Silhouette Portrait, 18th century

Some of the better artists made a good living out of the silhouetting business, while others provided a service that wasn’t quite up to the standard, these were quickly identified and through popularity went out of business quite quickly.

Nowadays, the same applies to those that want to silhouette and those that just cannot make the grade. Perseverance is the key and lots and lots of practice.

Creating a silhouette portrait is quite a tricky challenge to complete with most artists employing a degree of ‘artistic license’ when producing for a client. The pressure of having the client sitting in front of the artist doesn’t make life easier too!

How people design

Luckily, today we have computers to help us create the perfect precision silhouette. Using some wonderful vector graphics programme like ILLUSTRATOR or COREL DRAW or PHOTOSHOP.

Tracing around a profile picture of someone is still quite tricky, especially if you are not used to certain tools like the BEZIER tool or similar. Again, practice makes perfect with some wonderful portraits being created from a single bitmap image.

Cutting out the vector tracing can be done with scissors, a dedicated silhouetting machine, or something like a laser cutter. Although the last can be quite an expensive option though!

An example of our silhouette portrait design
One of our custom silhouette designs

Once your design is cut to the be standard that you can achieve, it’s time to mount the picture into a frame of your choice. Many examples from the 19th century show silhouettes in an oval frame, which was the preferred choice of the time. The pictures below show these oval designed frames.

Without doubt, the idea of having a silhouette portrait in a modern home is something that is once again becoming more and more popular. Not because we cannot afford to have our digital prints easily framed; but because the very idea of having a custom keepsake silhouette portrait is different from everybody else.

Our silhouette Portrait Design Service

Personalized Silhouette of Boy in Square White Frame

Customers at we can create your very own custom silhouette from a good profile picture that you have taken.

The image that you provide us with doesn’t even have to be a person. It could be a cat or a dog, horse or even a goldfish! Which ever image you would like us to silhouette.

Customers then choose a colour of the silhouette and frame. Engraving a name is an option too. Each design is then framed in the frame of your choice and delivered to your door via courier.

Order a Custom Silhouette