Inspiration by local silhouettist, William Bache

Dr William Bache

As a Worcestershire based, family run business, we were keen to find out about the well-respected, local silhouette professional of the 18th century, William Bache.

William Bache was born on 22nd December 1771, in Bromsgrove, which happens to be only 5 miles away from HQ. At the age of 22, Bache moved to Philadelphia to find riches and wealth in the new America using his skills as a silhouette cutter. William Bache was an exquisite shadow portrait artist and although he is best known for hollow cut varieties, he used several techniques in his work, including painting, “mechanical” and blacked images. Bache even developed his own patent machine which he used to shrink his portraits to miniature size in order to insert them in miniature busts and no doubt some jewellery. Included in some of Bache’s clientele are general Washington, Thomas Jefferson and various other notables of the time.

For us, William Bache, is a truly inspiring name within the silhouette industry, from which we are keen to learn. As Bache, we are also interested to experiment with silhouettes in miniature size and thanks to modern technology, this is now possible to 0.01mm perfection, meaning that the same detail of a normal sized (15cm-ish) silhouette can be reduced without losing quality to perhaps a 1 cm miniature. It can then be inserted in a wide variety of small jewellery, perfect for keeping your loved one nearby.