How to take the perfect profile picture?

perfect profile of rihanna

In order to have your own personal, high definition and detailed silhouette image designed by us, all we need is a good quality ‘side on’ photo. Sounds easy? Well it is, but you might want to keep the below tips in mind before taking that snap.

Make sure all your facial features are visible on the picture. Although we are happy to apply some artistic license to your image, we only do this with your permission, so please let us know if you would like certain features adding (or indeed removing).

Various worldwide studies have shown that images taken from the left hand side of the face, so looking left, are perceived by the majority as more aesthetically pleasing. The reasoning behind this is because it is believed that the left side of your face holds more emotional expression, therefore making you more attractive, leading to a better picture.

Try not to smile, grin or laugh when taking the image, this makes for an unnatural looking silhouette. A stern, straight ahead staring image gives the best result. Equally, try to ensure your neckline and shoulders are visible, if covered by scarf or clothing, the final silhouette may be not as much of a realistic picture.

If you are thinking of having your favourite pet silhouetted, you might want to consider a snapshot of an action. For example, a horse during a jump makes for a wonderful action-packed silhouette.

Finally, don’t worry too much about the image you are sending, as long as it is a true and fair representation of yourself, we should be good to go and that’s another good thing about shadow portraits, they can hide some of your imperfections.