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What would it be like to have your own Children’s Silhouette professionally designed for you?

Custom Silhouete of Children's Silhouette in White Frame
A Child’s Silhouette

New and older properties have introduced a silhouette of their own children on the walls in an oval frame or box type frame.

Nowadays, the gifting business has seen a resurgence for this type of design in the sitting room, kitchen or bedrooms.

Many people think these designs are timeless keepsakes for family members that instantly recognize the loved one from the silhouette profile.

To have an engraved and date engraved silhouette is something that will never go out of fashion. gold lined black frame

The good thing about these pictures is that skin blemishes do not show when you have a silhouette designed for you as they are completely in black card.

Customers can choose from any of the colours shown to suit your home, or maybe choose two colours, one for a sibling and another for the brother or sister.

Below is an example of what can be achieved using differing colours:

As the sky is the limited when customizing your group silhouette, use your imagination or choose a favorite style to complete a bedroom or front room look.

Customers can buy and upload their own personal images when ordering from our website. try to make the profile picture using these guidelines before uploading.

Advise is always given when you have uploaded a picture if the image is not suitable to produce a good silhouette.

Having a focus silhouette in the home is something that many people will comment on when visiting. It is a great focal point for over a fireplace or staggered up a stairwell.

Children’s Silhouette Colour Choices

These designs are not limited to just people, you could have you favourite pet silhouetted. Many customers have chosen to have a photograph of a ‘passed’ pet which they can look at and remind themselves of wonderful times with the cherished animal.

Imagination is the key, you wont be disappointed with your Children’s Silhouette or a goldfish silhouette!

Customers can choose from a number of different styles and frames including a traditional oval frame.

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