Boxed Framed Silhouettes large and small sizes available

White Stag Silhouette

One of the most popular new products that we produce is an array of Boxed Framed Silhouettes in a choice of two colours, black and white. Below is the white boxed frame displaying a horse, rider and a dog.

Rider and dog boxed framed silhouettes picture


These Boxed Framed Silhouettes give a depth to each picture and we have even seen the frames with LED lights in to enhance lighting mood. This is not something we actually produce, but we do like the idea and maybe it is something we will do at a later stage.

Here at we are happy to introduce a number of these products to our growing inventory of cut-out pictures.

Some the ideas we have include race horses, grey hound dogs, family group poses and the ever popular single person silhouette.

We would love to get some ideas of what subject might be popular and encourage our users to contact us with their ideas. Try to imagine in your head how the silhouette would turn out by picturing it on a white background contact

White Stag as a boxed framed silhouettes
White Stag Silhouette

With Christmas just around the corner, we have started to design some festive boxed silhouettes. here is just one of the simple new designs we have come up with.  A striking White Stag Silhouette white on black background.

Suitability of Boxed Framed Silhouettes

We find these new frames suitable for both contemporary and modern homes that want something different in the hallway or living room as a focus. The shadows created by lighting above the frame show off the boxed framed silhouette very well, giving an almost 3rd dimension to the display.

With that in mind, we have even considered mounting each cut-out focus image in a slightly raised setting to give a deeper look by appearing to look more three dimensional. We believe that some images will be perfect for this type of display but others will look slightly awkward and false in appearance. Check back soon to see how we get on with this idea in the coming months.

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